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Department of Agricultural Mechanization, Science and Research branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.



Due to the needs of modern societies to provide their energy fully or partially from the renewable energy sources and its necessity as a main principle of sustainable development, its necessary to assess and evaluate renewable energy and its integrating for utilizing a part of consumed energy for societies from cheap energy resource and solving the ecological and social problems. Despite of great potentials of Ardabil province in agriculture, water streams, climatic precipitation and climatic conditions, the necessity of appropriate investments in order to better exploitation form these capabilities (renewable energy) increases. The goal of this research is to potentiometry for the exploitation of renewable energies (solar, wind, biomass and bio-energy, water) based on farming, improvement of policy making for developing renewable energies, developing atlas of renewable energies based on farming and improving policy making of developing renewable energies in Ardabil province. According to the results of this study, the most talented town of Ardabil province in terms of renewable energy is Meshgin shahr town. Solar energy 3/449 kW h/m2/y, hydropower 270/34 Gw h/y and geothermal 76/11kw h/y ranked the first among all the cities of Ardabil province. And the lowest was Sarein city.