Document Type : Review Paper


Mechanical Engineering Department Abu Dhabi University



Renewable energy and energy sustainability are vital in meeting the exponential growth of energy demand due to increasing population and industrial needs. However, the renewable energy source unpredictability is still a concern for continuous energy supplies. United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been investing in renewable energy technologies over the years particularly in solar, nuclear, wind, waste to energy and hydropower. However, this seems insufficient still and the shortage of fossil fuels has triggered an alarming energy discussion. Therefore, this work aims at looking for tidal energy feasibility in the UAE apart from reviewing the shortcomings of the existing renewable energy sources in the country. Tidal energy is new but is highly predictable and if applied properly, it could add to the sustainable solutions. Based on the preliminary study, tidal lagoons with the area of 102 km2 integrated with double cycle reversible turbines can be installed at the Saqar Port in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The location has an average of 1.6 m head difference is sufficient to meet 1% of the total UAE’s energy demand.