Document Type : Review Paper


Department of Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University, 424 Hafez Ave, Tehran, Iran.


Economic dispatch in the presence of wind farms is of high interest in power system operational planning. Due to the uncertainty of wind speed and wind power, a probabilistic model is needed for application in economic dispatch solution. The weibull probability distribution function is a common tool to model wind speed probabilistic behavior, but the main challenge is the nonlinearity of wind power generation with respect to wind speed. This causes complexity in probabilistic economic dispatch, which can lead to numerical and time-consuming solution methods. Therefore, linearization of the wind power curve is in the interest of some methods by simply connecting the first point to end point of power curve by a straight line.
In this paper, by developing a conventional objective function for ED solution, two main contributions are made to obtain a suitable method for fast and also good accuracy results in real time purposes. At first, an improved method for linearization of wind power curve with respect to previous works is introduced which increases the performance of modelling with respect to the nonlinear model as the base model. The second contribution is developing an analytical routine for economic dispatch by an acceptable time-consuming calculation suitable for real time purposes. The effectiveness of the new approach has been tested on two test systems. The results show the improvement in relative error in ED cost with respect to real nonlinear curve model which reduces the error about one fifth regard to the conventional linearization model.


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