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Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.


Energy is one of the most critical factors in economic development, but achieving sustainable development is impossible without environmental protection and improving economic conditions. If a country is dependent on energy, any structural reform policies to reduce energy consumption may reduce economic growth. Saving energy consumption and the development and application of alternative technologies, especially renewable energy, has a significant role in controlling and reducing the consumption of fossil energy carriers and, consequently, reducing the emission of environmental pollutants and achieving sustainable development. This article deals with the feasibility of constructing renewable energy power plants in Khoy city. First, using RETSCREEN software, the economic and environmental conditions of the construction of renewable energy power plants in Khoy city are examined. Using PVSYST software, the requirements for constructing solar power plants are discussed in a specialized way. In this article, the inflation rate is 12%, and the interest rate is 4%. The construction of solar and geothermal power plants in this city can be prioritized based on the results. The solar power plant has a production capacity of 30 MW. 212194 meters of land, and a capital of 40 million dollars are needed to construct this solar power plant. The payback period of this project in Khoy city is estimated at 25 years.


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