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Chabahar Maritime University, Chabahar, Iran.


The combination of offshore wind turbines and wave energy converters has recently been the focus of researchers. Many types of converters have been installed on the offshore platform in the design step, and the performance of these hybrid systems has been investigated. The oscillating water column converter is one of the most favorite and commercialized systems due to its efficiency and low maintenance cost. In the present study, a new design including the array of the oscillating water column in a circular arrangement around the spar-type platform is considered. The coupled governing equations are solved based on the simplified analytical approach through frequency domain analysis. The results show that the increase in the number of energy converters increases the total generated power, and consequently, the converters capture the vibrational energy of the spar platform. Therefore, the dynamic response of the spar decreases in the case with an array of energy converters which is one of the main objects of this hybrid system.


Main Subjects

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