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Department of Electrical Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota, India.


This paper considers the context of renewable energy generation for a photo voltaic solar generating system with a non-linear load using one cycle controller with a motor across terminals. The paper finds a comparative study of the pulse width modulator with one cycle controller, which analyses both concepts using power sim software. The main challenge is to reject power supply disturbance. The frequency switch controls the single constant cycle and regulates direct current supply but with transients. As in the case of pulse width modulation, transients appear. In comparison, the one-cycle controlling technique rejects power supply disturbance as the constant voltage maximum power point tracker returns a reference speed value with the speed sensor, so one switching cycle is combined with a dual compensator to reject power supply disturbance as photo voltaic solar generation resolves the supply disturbance in a closed-loop scheme using one cycle modulator. So, in the case of the pulse width modulation technique, the ideal efficiency using the pulse width modulation controller varies from 70.45 % to 75 %; in the case of the novel one-cycle control modulator's excellent efficiency varies from 95.17 % to 99.49 %. Since switching converters efficiently control the photo voltaic energy generation system using one cycle control modulator rather than a pulse width modulator, apart from the swift transient response, one-cycle control modulator imparts economically efficient reference tracking and robustness to the system. The outcome of the one-cycle controller and pulse width modulated controller validates the analysis of variance (ANOVA).


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