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1 Poornima College of Engineering

2 Global Institute of Technology



Most of the partial shading maximum power point tracking methods have been designed for the static shading pattern of the partial shading conditions, however, the irradiance pattern may change further when in partial shading mode. Therefore, to cover this research gap, a global maximum power point control under varying irradiance (GCVI) algorithm is proposed in this paper. The algorithm does not use any sensors to detect the change in the irradiance, instead, the change in the current values of the modules are continuously monitored to detect the change. The reference voltages across which the peaks on the power curve are scanned are obtained from the reference voltage generation process, the consideration of these reference points avoids the excessive power losses in the system. The verification of the working of the proposed algorithm is carried out by simulating the photovoltaic system model on SIMULINK in MATLAB software. Simulations are carried out in various scenarios to show the effectiveness of the control. The simulation results illustrate that with the change in the global maximum under partial shading, the system successfully retunes to the new maximum point; the maximum point retunes from 10 kW to 9.2 kW and from 13.8 kW to 11.5 kW for two different case scenarios. Further, the comparisons are also carried out with the previously reported methods.


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