Desalinations Systems with Renewable Energies
Simulation of a Low-capacity Solar MSF Desalination Unit for a Steam Power Plant by Thermoflow Software

Neda Mehtari; Mostafa Kahani; Mohammad Zamen

Volume 5, Issue 2 , July 2024, , Pages 259-268

  The current research focuses on the utilization of three waste water streams from a power plant located in southwestern Iran for desalination purposes and to prevent the waste of heat from the boiler blowdown stream while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by preheating the cooling water. Three different ...  Read More

Photovoltaic Systems
Cooling of Photovoltaic Panel Equipped with Single Circular Heat Pipe: an Experimental Study

H. Eshghi; M. Kahani; M. Zamen

Volume 3, Issue 2 , July 2022, , Pages 229-235

  The cooling process of photovoltaic (PV) panel is one the main issue in in the field of solar systems. The temperature of solar cells increases when solar radiation and also ambient temperature increase. Increasing the cell temperature reduces the electrical output power of the panels as well as their ...  Read More