Original Article Energy Policy
A Type-2 Fuzzy-based Multi-criteria Decision-making Method for Sustainable Development of Wind Power Plants in Iran

A. Aryanfar; A. Gholami; M. Pourgholi; M. Zandi Zandi; A. Khosravi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 147-155


  The current work proposed a novel fuzzy-based multi-criteria decision-making method to assess the development potential of wind power plants in a country. Type-2 fuzzy logic was utilized to investigate the simultaneous effects of several technical criteria such as wind conditions, ambient temperature, ...  Read More

Original Article
Assessment of Wind Power Plant Potentials via MCDM Methods in Marmara Region of Turkey

E. Guler; S. Yerel Kandemir

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 157-163


  Today, the use of renewable energy sources is increasing day by day. The essential advantages of wind energy are that it is clean, low cost, and unlimited. In this paper, the wind energy potential of provinces of the Marmara region in Turkey was evaluated by multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) methods. ...  Read More

Original Article
Aero-Elastic Stability of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blades

Seyyed A. Sina

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 165-168


  Multi-Megawatt wind turbines have long, slender and heavy blades that can undergo extremely wind loadings. Aeroelastic stability of wind turbine blades is of great importance in both power production and load carrying capacity of structure. This paper investigates the aeroelastic stability of wind turbine ...  Read More

Original Article
Spectral Analyses of an Optimized Ducted Wind Turbine Using Hot-wire Anemometry

J. Taghinezhad; E. Mahmoodi; M. Masdari; R. Alimardani

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 169-173


  The use of ducted wind turbines is developing and various scientists in their studies investigate the performance, economic analysis, and energy production by these types of turbines at a lower cost. In this paper, the ratio of wind speed increment related to free stream wind speed and turbulence rate ...  Read More

Assessment of Electric Energy Generation and Installed Power Capacity in Turkey

S. Yerel Kandemir; M. Ozgur Yayli; Emin Acikkalp

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 175-178


  Renewable energy is one of the sustainable energy sources, the use of which has increased considerably in recent years. Today, wind energy is an essential renewable energy source that does not have a depletion problem. In this study, electricity generation from wind energy and installed power capacity ...  Read More

Original Article Energy Policy
Iran’s Transition to Wind Energy

Sh. Nourifard

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 179-183


  In this article, three topics of wind energy science, wind energy engineering and wind energy policy of Iran have been discussed. Deciding on wind energy in the country requires comprehensive information in these three areas. Due to the increase in the capacity of renewable energy in neighboring countries ...  Read More

Original Article
Investigation of Low-Frequency Noise of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines by a Hybrid Approach

A. R. Bozorgi

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 185-189


  Noise pollution is known as the biggest environmental problem of horizontal axis wind turbines. The main part of the noise is in the range of Low Frequency Noise (LFN) since wind turbines rotate slowly. Several studies show that the LFN could have adverse effects on human health. In this study, the LFN ...  Read More

Original Article
Impact of Wind Farms on Reduction of Power Plant CO2 Emissions: A Real Case Study in Iran

M. Khatibi; A. Rabiee

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 191-197


  Electricity generation through renewable energy sources such as wind energy has been growing in recent years due to several reasons including free and infinite resources as well as their considerable impact on the reduction of fossil fuels consumptions as well as CO2 emissions. This paper aims to assess ...  Read More

Energy Management of Reconfigurable Distribution System in Presence of Wind Turbines by Considering Several Kinds of Demands

R. Rostami; H. Hosseinnia

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 199-203


  Utilizing distributed generation (DG) units in power system has positive impacts such as: reduction active and reactive power loss, reduce load curtailment, increasing system reliability and reducing the need of installing the new power plant. Wind turbine (WT) is a type of DGs. Employing demand side ...  Read More

Original Article
Inertia Emulation with Concept of Virtual Supercapacitor for Islanded DC Micro-grid

H. Moradi; N. Piri Yengijeh; A. Hajizadeh

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 205-210


  The expansion of renewable energy sources (RESs (and advances in power electronics have been led to more attention being paid to DC microgrids (DCMGs). DCMGs enable the exploitation of all renewable energy potentials. Along with the advantages of RESs and DCMGs, the use of RESs is associated with the ...  Read More

Original Article Wind Energy
Comparison of Monte Carlo Simulation and Genetic Algorithm in Optimal Wind Farm Layout Design in Manjil Site based on Jensen Model

M. A. Javadi; H. Ghomashi; M. Taherinezhad; M. Nazarahari; R. Ghasemiasl

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 211-221


  AbstractOptimal arrangement of turbines in wind farms is very important to achieve maximum energy at the lowest cost. In the present study, the use of Vestas V-47 wind turbine and uniform one-way wind in achieving the optimal arrangement of horizontal axis turbines in Manjil with genetic and Monte Carlo ...  Read More

Original Article
Inter-Turn Short Circuit Fault and High Resistance Connection in Stator of Doubly-Fed Induction Generators

M. Afshari; Seyed M. Mahdi Moosavi; M. B. Abadi; S.M.A. Cruz

Volume 2, Issue 2 , July 2021, Pages 223-232


  Doubly-fed induction generators (DFIG) have been widely used in wind turbines installed in the last decades. These generators are prone to some faults that could deteriorate their performance and even lead to their outage from the network. Stator inter-turn short-circuits (SITSC) and high resistance ...  Read More